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About Me

I was introduced to reflexology by my husband, he suffers with IBS and working his feet would help ease his symptoms.  I searched for a course that would teach me the basics of reflexology so that I could treat him and in 2008 I undertook an introductory course at SCOLA Sutton College.  I was fascinated by what I learnt and amazed at how relaxed I felt receiving treatments from fellow students.  I spent the next year treating not only my husband but also other family members and friends, then in 2010 I took the next step to become a qualified reflexologist.  Since qualifying I have had the pleasure of treating a wide range of clients for a number of reasons.  8 years on from my first introduction to reflexology, it continues to amaze me with what a difference this wonderful therapy can make to people's lives.


I received my ABC Diploma in Reflexology through The London School of Reflexology and am a fully insured member of the Association of Reflexologists, an independent professional body for reflexology in the UK.

Post-Diploma Qualifications


  • Facial Reflexology

  • Zone Face Lift

  • Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)

  • Mindful Reflexology

  • Pre-Conceptual, Pregnancy & Post Natal Reflexology

  • Power Reflexology

  • Baby & Toddler Reflex

  • Indian Head Massage

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