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What will happen during the treatment?

Reflexology is a holistic therapy.  In order to benefit the most from your treatment, the first session includes a 20 minute consultation to gather information on your medical history and lifestyle.  This enables me to tailor the treatment to your exact needs.  Any follow on sessions will have a 10 minute consultation to discuss any changes/developments that may have occurred.  All information given will be kept completely confidential.


I will apply gentle pressure on your feet, hands, or face with my thumbs and fingers using a compression technique.  The treatment will last 40 minutes if having a classic session and during this time you are encouraged to close your eyes and relax.


At the end of the session I will conclude with any reflexes that I have found out of balance and explore the possible reasons for this.  We can also devise a treatment plan if necessary and schedule any follow on sessions.

Do I need to do anything in preparation for the treatment?

Will the treatment be painful?

How will I feel after the treatment?

Please ensure that your feet/hands are clean and if you have any cuts, verrucas, warts etc, that a plaster is placed over them for hygiene purposes.  For facial reflexology or the Zone Facelift please remove any make up prior to the treatment.


I also request that you switch off your phone to avoid distraction.  Reflexology is best carried out in a quiet environment.

Reflexology is not designed to be a painful therapy, however you may feel areas of tenderness with certain reflexes.  If this is the case I will reduce the pressure until it becomes comfortable again.  Tenderness could simply be due to that part of your foot/hand being sensitive or be an indication that the reflex is out of balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments should I have & how often?

Everybody reacts differently to treatments but some common reactions are: 

  • Feeling relaxed

  • Feeling sleepy or, alternatively, energised

  • Feeling shivery/cold

  • Increased need to urinate to eliminate toxins

  • Becoming less or more aware of a condition


All reactions are temporary and are a positive sign that your body is responding to the treatment and balancing itself.  You should take time to relax after the session and drink plenty of water.  If you are concerned about any reactions you have please contact me.

This will depend on what you would like reflexology to do for you.  If you are healthy and simply want relaxation, one off sessions are fine.  To maintain a healthy balance some people like to have a treatment once a month.  If you are suffering from a particular condition the quantity and frequency recommended will vary depending on your individual needs, which can be discussed.

Reflexology is never used to diagnose conditions and is not a substitute for medical advice.

It does not cure, but aims to facilitate healing.

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