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Foot & Hand Reflexology

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Whilst treatments cannot be given under social distancing measures, gift vouchers are still available to purchase with no expiry date.  All vouchers will be charged at treatment room rates but recipients will have the option of a mobile service.

Monday & Tuesday 10.00 - 14.00 & 20.00 - 22.00

Wednesday 10.00 - 17.30 & 20.00 - 22.00

Thursday 20.00 - 22.00


Please note a restricted day time service will be offered over school holiday periods.

Appointments are available at the following times:

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Indian Head Massage

Classic (40mins): Mobile £45.00 / Treatment Room £40.00


This treatment is carried out fully clothed and seated.  The massage incorporates the shoulders, neck, scalp and face but can be adapted to focus on particular areas as required.

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Facial Reflexology

Zone Face Lift

06 price list

The timings below include a consultation at the start of the treatment and feedback at the end.

Free extended consultation with first treatment

Classic (60mins): Mobile £55.00 / Treatment Room £50.00

Adapted to concentrate on the client's requirements but also works the major reflexes to balance the whole body.


Focused (30mins): Treatment Room Only £35.00

Highly focused treatment working solely on the key reflexes related to the client's requirements.


Power (60mins): Mobile £55.00 / Treatment Room £50.00

Combined with the Intensive Treatment, various techniques are used to help release energy blockages within the body and balance Chakras.


Reflexology Lymph Drainage (60mins): Mobile £55.00 / Treatment Room £50.00

This award winning technique stimulates the lymphatic system and has had truly amazing results in reducing fluid retention.


Mindful Reflexology (60mins): Mobile £55.00 / Treatment Room £50.00

Specific techniques are used to target and calm the nervous system, with the option to include a guided meditation.


Pre-Conception & Pregnancy (60mins): Mobile £55.00 / Treatment Room £50.00

Using a holistic approach, techniques are used to help balance the body and encourage a healthy environment in which to conceive and nurture a growing baby.

Pregnancy treatments initially focus on associated ailments such as digestive problems, aches and pains etc; and then in the later stages techniques are used to prepare your body for a natural labour.


Indulgent (80mins): Mobile £70.00 / Treatment Room £65.00

Take some real time out and truly relax with this extended treatment.  Here we combine the Classic Treatment with either the Chakra balancing techniques or Reflexology Lymph Drainage.


Top to Toe Package (60mins): Mobile £55.00  / Treatment Room £50.00

Top to Toe Package (80mins): Mobile £70.00 / Treatment Room £65.00

Complete bliss combining foot or hand reflexology with Indian head massage or facial reflexology.

Classic Facial Reflexology (60mins): Mobile £60.00 / Treatment Room £55.00


All the benefits of classic foot reflexology plus it's own additional benefits of promoting the production of new skin tissue, leaving the face looking radiant. Using luxurious oils and healing crystals.


Indulgent Facial (90mins): Mobile £80.00 / Treatment Room £75.00


Truly pamper your skin with this combination of facial reflexology and an organic facial, including hot towels.


Stress Relief (20mins): £15.00 when booked with another treatment


Working the reflex points on the face is very slow and gentle.  In this treatment key reflex points are worked to focus on stress relief.

Individual Session (90mins): Mobile £80.00 / Treatment Room £75.00


Holistic natural facelift combining facial reflexology and facelift massage, using clear quartz crystals, jade smoothing tools, and acupressure rollers. The Zone Face Lift will lift your face and spirit. An all-natural alternative to Botox that works from the inside out.


12 Week Programme: £800.00


Get the best results of this treatment with a 12 week programme.  Includes free Jade smoothing tool to use in-between sessions, 2 organic facials using and weekly wellness and beauty tips.