Bringing the benefits of reflexology

into the comfort of your own home.

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Relax & Revive Workshops

Do life commitments get in your way of booking in the treatments you deserve?  Well now you can learn some simple yet effective facial reflexology techniques to self treat.  I have often self treated using hand reflexology but facial reflexology is a game changer and is a great way to self care.  Even though you are treating yourself it still remains a very relaxing and soothing technique.


Even better, it's all carried out in the comfort of your own home so it's a great excuse to get some friends together and have a girlie night in!


A variety of moves/techniques will be taught to help you let go of stress both mentally and physically.


You will be provided with a chart and instructions so that you can easily replicate what you have learnt.  Either work your way through the full set of techniques for some quality 'me time' or choose a few of the moves to create a short 1-2 minute sequence that you can slip in to your morning routine.


£15 per person


Minimum group size of 4 people


Duration: 1hr - 1.5hrs depending on group size