Bringing the benefits of reflexology

into the comfort of your own home.

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Toddler Reflex Workshop

The course consists of 3 x 1-1.5hr sessions.  The aim is to carry out the session within the hour but we allow an additional 30 minutes in case there are any disruptions from the toddlers.  We do not wish any of the parents/carers to feel pressured if their toddler needs some additional attention during the session.  


There is a different theme each week:


Week 1 - Everyday Routines

Week 2 - As and When Needed Routines

Week 3 - Follow Up/Feedback/Transferring Skills to Feet


As your child gets more mobile it becomes easier to treat using hands.  All the routines are carried out using nursery rhymes to keep your toddler engaged (it also makes the routines easier to remember!).  If your toddler is present during the session they could bring along their teddy and they can mimic giving them a treatment.


The treatment time for toddlers is only 7 minutes up to 3 times a day.  Therefore we practice on our own and each other's hands, then complete a treatment on them at the end of each session.  Sometimes it can be easier to take everything in if your child is not present at the first session but they are of course more than welcome.  Toddler Reflex is primarily about giving you the skills so that you can then treat your child at a time that suits them.  If you would be happier to attend the full course without your toddler that is perfectly fine.

Host a Group Workshop

Have a group of mums that you would love to do this workshop with?  Maybe you are part of an NCT group? Then why not host a workshop?  The Host will receive a 10% discount voucher which can be redeemed against any future treatmenth


Group size 4-6 people


£45 for 3 weeks

Host a Workshop

One to One Workshop

Why not host your own workshop?  Perfect for a group of friends, mum and baby group, NCT Class etc.

Group size 4-6 people

£35 for 4 weeks. Host receives 50% discount voucher to use on any treatment.

Please contact me to discuss details or book an event.

Don't want to learn as part of a group? Then why not book a private workshop, either one to one or with both parents/carers in the comfort of your own home.


£70.00 for the workshop.  One to One workshops are typically carried out in 2 x 2hr sessions, but this can be adapted to suit availability.

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