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Covid 19 Proceedures

My highest priority at all times is to keep both my clients and myself safe.  As a member of the Association of Reflexologists I commit to working to a high health and safety standard.  The following procedures have been put in place to minimise risk levels during this pandemic.  Please note that at present, these measures remain in place even if you have received a vaccine.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is required to be carried out before each treatment, this will be done through a telephone call the day before.  At the same time I will go through the consultation that usually happens at the start of a session.  This is in order to reduce the face to face time and limit the number of items I bring in and out of your home.  I will not bring your client file with me.

Limiting Surface Contact

I will telephone you to let you know that I have arrived.  In order to limit touching surfaces, I ask that you open/close any doors for me and move any furniture that may need adjusting.

Face Coverings

I will arrive wearing a mask and put on a visor prior to the treatment commencing.  It is now mandatory for clients to also wear a face covering.  If you are exempt from wearing a face covering please let me know ahead of your treatment.

Hand Washing

I will sanitise my hands before entering your home.  I will wash them after arriving and after your treatment.  If it is not convenient for any reason to use your facilities, I will have hand sanitiser with a minimum of 60% alcohol content with me.  I will also ask that you wash your hands once I have arrived.

The Room

Please air the room by opening windows and doors 15 minutes prior to appointment.  If weather permits and you would like to have your treatment outdoors, this is also an option.  Please ensure that no one else is in the room where the treatment will take place.  If I am treating more than one member of the household, it is still recommended that I only see one of you in the room at a time.


I am happy to continue to bring my recliner and provide a clean cover for every client.  However, we can also use your own furniture for you to lie on (i.e. sofa, reclining chair or bed).  Either way I will bring my own height adjustable stool to sit on.  I will provide towels and a foot support but ask that you provide a pillow to support under the knees and a blanket if required.  All equipment is thoroughly cleaned between each client.

Payment can be made in advance via BACS or on the day by card or cash.  If you do choose to pay by cash you will need to have the correct amount as I will not be carrying change.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

To read the full Covid 19 Policy please click here.

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