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Reflexology Techniques

For many the word "reflexology" simply conjures up images of a relaxing foot rub, but it is so much more than that. 

Over the years since qualifying I have continued to study and have a growing toolbox of techniques to support you in your journey with me.

Classic Reflexology
Mindful Reflexology
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Classic Reflexology

When we're exhausted and running on empty we are no use to anyone.  It is important to take a step back and replenish.  Classic reflexology helps you do just that.  It relieves tension, aids sleep, improves mood and increases your overall well being.   


Gentle pressure is applied to the reflexes on your feet and induces a deep state of relaxation.  Through nerve stimulation, impulses are sent through the body, encouraging all your organs and glands to function better and work together in balance. 


Although this is a foot treatment clients often report feeling like they have had a full body massage!

I had a fantastic treatment from Sarah last night. I honestly had forgotten how beneficial reflexology can be and feel energised and grounded. Sarah is so professional and caring. Such a good experience.

Sally, Wallington

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Mindful Reflexology

Are you trying to overcome stress, depression or anxiety?  Let reflexology support you in your journey.


Mindful reflexology builds upon Classic reflexology using additional techniques to focus on calming your nervous system and reducing your stress response, helping you relax even deeper, melting away stress and tension.

To enhance this further, why not take the opportunity to listen to a guided meditation whilst your treatment is being carried out?

Sarah is lovely, friendly and approachable. The reflexology treatment was amazing and I felt chilled out, relaxed and at peace and all this in my own home where I could carry on relaxing after. Just perfect I’m booked in again in 4 weeks. Planning on this being my regular treat to myself.  Thank you Sarah

Emma, Sutton

Reflexology lymph drainage

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)

Do you suffer with lymphoedema, unexplained or pregnancy related swelling?  This award winning technique stimulates the lymphatic system aiding the reduction of fluid retention, helping you feel less congested and more like your old self.  RLD is a really gentle treatment and no matter where your swelling may be, it is carried out purely using reflex points on your feet, there is no need to massage other swollen, tender, areas.  

The lymphatic system plays an important part of our immune system and is it's first line of defence.  RLD encourages lymph to flow through it with more ease, removing toxins and waste from your body, leaving you feeling energised and revitalised.

There is a growing amount of research showing the amazing effects this treatment can have both physically and mentally on those with Lymphoedema.  If you would like to find out more please visit Sally Kay's website.  She is the founder of RLD and I am honoured to have trained with her.

RLD has also been seen to have a really positive affect on those living with chronic fatigue, ME and auto-immune conditions.

The treatment has helped me to feel less swollen and during the time I have been treated I have developed more sensations/less numbness in my right-hand side.  This has made me feel more ‘normal’ and lessened my discomfort.  The swelling has also decreased in my right-hand side of my body and the upper area of my stomach. Unfortunately, my breast still remains swollen.  However, I feel more ‘normal’ have less discomfort following the treatment than I did before.  Thank you!

 AJ, Carshalton

(Trunkal Lymphoedema post Breast Cancer)

Sarah is amazing.

Our son was diagnosed with M.E chronic fatigue last year when he was 12. I had heard good things about lymph drainage and the benefits for M.E patients and so after a bit of googling we found Sarah.

My son was a little bit apprehensive, as he had no idea what reflexology was but from the minute Sarah stepped through our door she made our son feel at ease.

Sarah is a calm, caring lady and made our son feel comfortable and reassured. Sitting with Sarah during the treatment also made me relax.

Sarah was a big part of our sons recovery and after 16 months of difficult times and around 6 months of regular treatments he is almost (90%) back to his old self.

I cannot recommend Sarah enough.

Thank you for everything Sarah

Joanne, Wallington

Facial Reflexology
Facial 02 - Fotolia_91706971_S.jpg

Facial Reflexology

A slow and almost hypnotic treatment, using luxurious oils and healing crystals, leaving you glowing from inside out.  Facial reflexology is extremely gentle yet releases tension we hold in our face and all over our body.


As well as all the benefits of classic reflexology, it also offers unique benefits of its own.  Working so close to the brain clients often report a deeper level of relaxation, relieving metal strain and resulting in their head feeling clearer and lighter.     

Additionally the treatment promotes the production of new skin tissue and improves circulation, giving your face a radiant glow.

I had a fabulous facial reflexology treatment from Sarah Taylor.  The treatment was gentle and deeply relaxing in a lovely environment. I'd highly recommend the facial reflexology. The bonus was that my skin felt lovely afterwards which I was not expecting.

Inge, Sutton

Zone Face Lift

Zone Face Lift

Are you looking for a natural way to age gracefully?  This treatment combines facial reflexology with the very best and most effective face lift massage techniques.  Using specialist tools, this stunning treatment clears your mind as well as plumps, smooths and lifts your face.

The holistic approach is key in the Zone Face Lift. 


Facial reflexology releases blocked energy leading to better health and vitality. When we feel good on the inside this is reflected on the outside, giving a great advantage over other treatments that are purely beauty based.

The massage techniques improve blood flow and oxygenate muscle tissue, as well as aiding the natural removal of toxins  and excess fluid, helping to reduce puffiness. 


The combination of the two results in a unique experience leaving you feeling revived and rejuvenated.

I had a wonderful treatment with Sarah today including the Zone face lift - I felt amazing afterwards and my aches and pains seemed to melt away. I looked radiant. Sarah is a skilled practitioner and is offering something that is unique in that it is highly relaxing, incorporates facial reflexology (which eased many of the aches in my body) and also radiates and gives a facial lift. Highly recommend her.

Maria, Sutton

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