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Online Sessions

Guided virtual sessions are a great alternative that enable me to continue to support you with reflexology when in person treatments are prohibited or are unsuitable for any reason. This slow, soothing therapy lends itself perfectly to self care, easing away tension, rebalancing both body and mind, and spending some time reconnecting with yourself. 


I guide you through a simple yet effective sequence using either facial or hand reflexology With facial reflexology you get the added bonus of leaving your face feeling refreshed and glowing!


A consultation is carried out prior to your session, enabling me to get a deeper understanding of your needs so that I can tailor your treatment, ensuring you get the most out of your time with me. 

Appointment Times

Appointments are available Monday to Wednesday between 9.30am and 14.30pm, and an evening appointment on the same days at 8pm.

Set Up

Online sessions are carried out via Zoom.  Once an appointment is made you will be sent a meeting link to join the session.  I advise finding a comfortable, quiet space.  All you need is yourself, facial oil or moisturiser, and some water.

What to Expect

The session will start with a breathing exercise to get you into a relaxed and present state.  I will then guide you through an easy to follow, deeply relaxing, sequence of reflexology points, based on the consultation, either on the hands, face or a combination of the two. 

Prices & Packages

Individual sessions and gift vouchers are available, offering a lovely opportunity to take time out, find a place of calm and replenish. 

In order to experience the full benefits of reflexology and to really invest in your health and wellbeing, a package of sessions is recommended.​ 

 As all treatments are individually tailored to your requirements,  I offer a number of packages at different investment levels. 

The price per session ranges from £15 to £47.

Next Step

I would love to find out more about you and have a chat to explore how you may benefit from reflexology.  Click the link below and request a no obligations call.

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